Sunday: Bangkok 2/11/2007

Sawadi-ka! (that's hello in Thai)

Dad points out that I forgot to write about Sunday! Oops.

Sunday 2/11

Actually, there’s not that much to tell about Sunday. I had a lazy morning, giving myself and especially my throat a chance to rest up a bit. Went into the city late morning and had a good practice session on the recital piano. Quick lunch before playing a recital at Chintakarn Institute. The original plan was for me to talk about each piece, but my voice was so bad that they printed program notes instead. The talking would have been better for the audience, but unfortunately not for me! It all went just fine, not a large audience but appreciative. Then after a tea break with honey-lemon hot drink (my throat loved that!) and mangosteens (my favorite regional fruit), I did a session on Improvisation to a group mostly composed of piano teachers. I really love doing this session because of the interaction. They really enjoyed it too. For the last ‘volunteer’ we had already used everyone in the room, so we coerced the staff person who was taking pictures, a total non-musician, to come up and try it. He did fine, much to his own amazement – but of course I knew it would work or I wouldn’t have asked him!

After the workshop I spent an hour or so shopping, had dinner with two of the staff, and then back to Anne and Jon’s house for the night – earlier morning Monday, so couldn’t stay out late!

Love to all,


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