Friday March 23, Vienna

One of the nice things about being in one city for an extended period is that thereís no great compulsion to cram everything into one day. Today I didnít try to squeeze much in; this morning I browsed my way down Kartner Strasse, the glitziest shopping street in Vienna Ė actually did find a couple of things at very reasonable prices, though mostly I was just window shopping and people watching. I happened to reach Stephensplatz right at noon, so I quickstepped over to the Anker clock to watch the noon parade again. This being Friday, there was a larger crowd of spectators than before. I canít imagine how crazy it must be during high tourist season! On the way back towards my place, I stopped in at Viennese friend Rudiís (a guy I met in Thailand last month) favorite cafť, Kurkonditerei Oberlaa, and got some wonderful little cookies and an awesome piece of chocolate mousse cake. Then back to my apartment to get ready for our afternoon gig.

We met up at Nancyís apartment, where Michelle and I rehearsed just for a minute or two, then off to yet another part of the city. A very strident piano today, I had to use the mute pedal all the time I was accompanying Michelle, taking it off only for my solo set. But that seemed to work out ok (except for being rather tiring to play). We even did a switch for one number, Michelle playing for me to sing.

It had started sprinkling in the early afternoon; by the time we came out from the performance, it was raining in earnest. Michelle, Suzi and I headed back to my place first, then just down the street from me for dinner at the Bavarian restaurant I discovered last week. Itís always a little scary making a return visit, because you have to wonder if the food will still be that good, but tonightís food lived up to our highest expectations. Last week I had a fish entree, but tonight we each had a Bavarian speciality Ė rolled beef, sausages, pork medallions, Bavarian meatballs, spatzlía, saurkraut, apfelkŁche, it was all absolutely to die for, and not very expensive. So if you are in Vienna and want a really awesome meal, I can recommend Neiningerís Restaurant, Argentinierstrasse 16, 1040 Wien (just 2 blocks from Karlskirche). Itís a family-run restaurant, very pleasant and unassuming.

And thatís the whole day! Not particularly eventful, but a good day nonetheless. And now I need to pack for a few days in Prague; I leave in the morning. Itís nice to be able to leave the bulk of my stuff here in the apartment, even though that means Iím paying for two lodgings for a couple of nights.

My love to all,


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