Monday March 19, Vienna

Today was marked by shopping and performance. A gloomy, rainy, chilly day. First thing in the morning, I was thrilled to get to the grocery store, which closed early on Saturday and wasn’t open on Sunday at all. Then, since it’s Monday and all the museums etc. are closed, I went out to explore a bit of the main shopping area, Mariahilferstrasse. Found the ‘biggest game store in Austria’ with no trouble, getting a couple of games (on commission) for a friend. I need to go back there for myself! (I needed to do a bit of research on the web first, so I’ll know which things are at good prices.) Also found a department store that must be a Czech chain, because all the price tags had both Czech and Euro prices. Got a robe to make up for the one I forgot to pack. And figured out where we will need to go this afternoon, since our gig is nearby.

Loaded down with purchases, I decided I’d better go back to my apartment rather than trying to do sightseeing. I hoped to drop stuff off and still make the noon ‘performance’ of the special mechanical clock in Hoher Markt, but that didn’t quite work. Oh well, another day will do just as well.

In the afternoon, we had another performance – did a bit of shopping right in the Karlsplatz U-bahn station (there’s a whole shopping arcade that goes for several blocks underground, it makes a good alternative to having to cross lots of heavy traffic streets up on ground level). We did our gig at Haus Neubau, with Nancy’s robust German friend Annagret providing the German MCing for us today. Nice stage, responsive audience, decidedly mediocre baby grand. Then Michelle, Suzi and I did some shopping on Mariahilferstrasse. Found a great chocolate shop, a fun discount designer shop, etc. They have pretty much everything you can think of – we even saw a belly-dancing shop!

Then up to Nancy’s to rehearse some things for tomorrow’s big event. Dinner at an Austrian place near Nancy, and home at a fairly early hour (well, about 9:30, anyway).

As I said, shopping and performance filled the day. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Love to all,


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