Oliver F. Eldridge
July 10, 1915 - February 13, 2003
Memorial Service Saturday, May 10, 2003

Oliver Eldridge

Louise was not at the service, but we visited her afterwards.
After the service most of the family attended a dinner hosted by Chip and Nancy Morgan.
At the dinner were:
Louise and Oliver’s son Rob Eldridge
Louise and Oliver’s daughter Nancy Morgan and her husband Chip Morgan
Louise's brother Jim Hastings, his daughters Cindy Cover and Barbara Sither, sons in law Randy Cover and Benn Sither, and granddaughter Becky Sither
(Jim’s son Tom Hastings and his wife Anne were at the service but not at the dinner)
Louise’s brother Waldon’s daughter Anne Johnson and her husband Art Johnson
Martín Argueta, who lived with Oliver and Louise as a 15 year old exchange student and traded visits through the years afterwards, his wife Maria Marta Argueta and their son Martín Estuardo Argueta. They flew from Guatamala!
Betty Eldridge, widow of Oliver’s brother John, and her daughter Phoebe Eldridge
Louise’s cousin Marjorie Morenus and her husband Dick Morenus

The next morning we went to Oliver and Louise’s house, where Benn was retrieving an antique Amish sleigh he had stored in the icehouse.

Some pictures inside the house.

Saturday morning Dick and Marjorie Morenus and Art and Anne Johnson hiked a couple of miles of the Appalachian Trail.

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