Waldon and Alice Hastings

Memorial Service Sunday, August 15, 2004

Waldon and Alice

An informal but very moving memorial service for Waldon and Alice was held in the basement of St John's Church in Southwest Harbor.
Everyone sat around in a circle and each person shared a memory of Waldon and Alice.
Afterwards Kari Hastings showed a collection of scanned photos set up as a slide show on a laptop computer.

The pictures in Kari's collection

Present were:

Waldon and Alice’s daughter Anne Johnson and her husband Art Johnson
Waldon and Alice’s son Jim Hastings, his wife Polly, and their daughter Kari Hastings
Waldon's brother Jim Hastings and his daughters Cindy Cover and Barbara Sither.
Waldon's sister Louise’s son Rob Eldridge and his friend Pat Martino
Waldon's sister Louise’s daughter Nancy Morgan and her husband Chip Morgan
Anne and Art's daughter Margaret Johnson, her husband Mike Roman, and their children Nathan and Rachael
Waldon’s uncle Lyndon's daughters Joyce Scott and Carolyn Clough
Waldon’s cousin Marjorie Morenus and her husband Dick Morenus

After the service everyone (except Joyce and Carolyn, who had another commitment)
attended a dinner hosted by Anne Johnson and her brother Jim Hastings.
The next morning.

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