Laddie, November 2004

Laddie joined my family less than a week after Whimsy's tragic death. Tigger just had to have a new companion -- she wasn't eating, wasn't playing, wasn't doing anything except crying for Whimsy. I was really worried about her. I found Laddie at the local Humane Society, and he and Tigger took only a few days to become good friends. Tigger is back to her normal self, so it was obviously a good decision. Laddie is a real sweetheart, playful but not hyper, loves to be in my lap, purrs all the time, likes to lick my hand and even my face! He follows me all over the house, except when he's following Tigger.

Laddie, first day, a rare moment of quiet. He's actually on the verge of falling asleep here.

Laddie checking out the view from my livingroom windows.

Must move on -- so little time, so many things to explore!

I took many shots trying to get a useable one of him playing with this wonderful feathered cat toy. This one wasn't too blurry (you should have seen the ones I didn't use!)

When he discovered himself in the mirrored back of my display cabinet, it really brought him up short!

It's really a great view out there! He was especially intrigued by all the falling leaves outside.

Discovering the vertical blinds.

You can't see any of his white here!

These are just the first day. More photos coming soon, so check back often.

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