Tigger photos coming soon!

Tigger and Whimsy entered my life in September 1998, while I was finishing my doctorate in Austin Texas. They were 8 weeks old when they came home to me, so they never noticed they weren't littermates. They were always good friends. Tigger lives up to her name admirably -- whatever her weight in pounds, shillings, and ounces, she always seems bigger because of her bounces! Tigger is a real extrovert -- she runs to the door when someone rings, my official greeter. She is very playful, energetic, wiry and an amazing jumper. When I was living in a rather small apartment during my first year in Illinois, Tigger got so restless she figured out how to jump to the tops of doors! She still likes to get up on the frame of the bathtub enclosure; she paces back and forth, wraps around the frame to catch and groom her tail, etc. Quite the acrobat!

Despite their very different characters, Tigger and Whimsy were very close. When Whimsy tragically died at only 6 years old, Tigger went into a real tailspin. She moped around, wouldn't eat or play, just kept crying to me asking where Whimsy was. So less than a week later, I brought Laddie home. Tigger and Laddie quickly became friends, and now Tigger is herself again.

Pictures coming soon!

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