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Whimsy in the window (July 1999)

Whimsy came into my life in September 1999. I found both him and Tigger at the Austin Texas Humane Society. Whimsy was a sweet, gentle, shy giant of a cat. I think he must have been part Maine Coon. He loved to be near me -- followed me all over the house. He also required quality lap time on a daily basis. He liked it best if I was in my 'comfy chair' with my feet up, but he often settled for lap time while I worked at the computer. He periodically 'helped' me type. His favorite toys were twist ties which I formed into spirals for him -- the perfect configuration to catch in his paw, or to roll around on the floor. He loved to curl up in boxes and bags. I know my wonderful dissertation supervisor was displeased with me for adding the complication of 2 kittens to my life, when I was preparing for comprehensive exams and my dissertation, but I needed the feline companionship, and the cats didn't hold me back. I had been without cats for several months following the death of Trouble from cancer, and I just couldn't bear it any longer.

Whimsy shared life with me for six wonderful years. On the morning of October 31, 2004, Whimsy suffered a saddle thrombus, a blood clot discharged from the heart and lodging in a major artery, paralyzing the rear legs. I immediately took him to his vet, and he spent the day there and in the animal emergency hospital, receiving every possible chance for recovery. However, the recovery rate for cats with this condition is low, and he died early the next morning. It's a devastating loss to me -- he was such a loving cat, so attached to me, and still young and seemingly healthy. He had no previous known health problems.

In the pictures here, I pay tribute to Whimsy. He was beautiful in every way, and I miss him very much.

Whimsy's very first picture, 8 weeks old

Whimsy at 8 weeks, first day home

He's only about the size of my foot!

Clean face, clean heart

Oops! Missed a spot.

You rang?

After 3 days, Tigger joined the family. It took them about 5 seconds to bond. This was taken just a few minutes after Tigger arrived.

Whimsy and Tigger, first day. Both are 8 weeks old, though Tigger is about half Whimsy's size. That never changed!

First day together, already inseparable

Best of friends

Kitty bliss

Tigger enjoyed chasing Whimsy's tail

Ummm, that was delicious!

Whimsy and Tigger remained close friends! This is from about 10 weeks.

They were sloppy eaters, but they did enjoy their food!

They lived in the kitchen area until they got big enough to jump the 3-foot barrier I had in the doorway. Here, still about 10 weeks, they're still living in the kitchen full time

Sometimes they climbed all over me. This is from 10 or 11 weeks -- you can see that Whimsy's front legs haven't had time to grow out from earlier shaving for some kind of I.V.

Whimsy loved paper bags -- the ones from Strait Music were just right!

He had the bag to himself for a few moments . . .

but it didn't last long!

In for the kill.

Helping their mommy with the groceries. Around 12 weeks, they were still spending most of their time in the kitchen.

Whimsy had a life-long attraction to shoes -- he worried them like a puppy! He never outgrew this.

Peaceable Kingdom! About 4 months old.

Chasing anything? I wasn't chasing anything! I don't know what you're talking about!

I think it's just a crumpled piece of slick paper -- Whimsy loved the stuff. He'd often lick right through the cover of a catalogue or magazine.

Tigger wanted it too!

First Halloween. Whimsy was suspicious -- I guess he was expecting a trick instead of a treat!

Well, it seems safe enough, I guess!

When Whimsy bounded around, his incredible long flowing tail would billow out behind him rather like those ribbon dancers. I never caught a photo of it; this is the closest I ever came.

Doing battle with something -- I'm not sure what. Perhaps a bit of crumpled paper, perhaps a scrunched-up twist tie.

Both Tigger and Whimsy loved boxes, and this one was especially fun. They had a great time!

Whimsy at about 1 year old. This was just before I left Texas for Illinois (July 1999)

Very attentive felines! (July 1999)

Tigger and Whimsy were always good friends. Here they are in July 2003

They followed each other around a lot. They also followed me around most of the time!

Whimsy loved playing with paper bags. Size was no impediment -- if the bag was too small, he made room! (July 1999)

Here's one that's more his size. (August 2004)

More than bags, Whimsy loved boxes. It was difficult to get rid of packages, because he'd commandeer every new one that came along!(August 2004)

Undersized boxes didn't stop him. He's bursting the seams here! (June 2004)

Tigger wanted to join him, but there was no room! (June 2004)

Whimsy was shy with strangers, but he warmed up to my sister-in-law Linda Kao Morenus (August 2004)

Linda was delighted!

Whimsy in my lap (August 2004)

This is the last picture of Whimsy and me together -- Linda or Dan took it when they were visiting (August 2004)

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