Trip Journals
Carlyn Gay Morenus
Spring 2007

Carlyn had a fantastic series of trips during her sabbatical in Spring, 2007. In years past, she has always kept a journal in a bound blank book; this year she took a laptop and emailed her journal almost every day. Here are copies of those emails.


The first part of the travels was to Malaysia, where Carlyn's contact was her former student Yumi Yoshioka. She performed and gave workshops and masterclasses at various venues there, and did some sightseeing.


The next section was to Thailand, where Carlyn had visited in June 2003 to play a piano concerto with the Thai National Symphony Orchestra, to give workshops and masterclasses at the five main universities in the Bangkok area, and to squeeze in some sightseeing. This year was much the same, except she gave solo recitals in place of a concerto, and she also went to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

Vienna, Bratislava, Prague

After less than three weeks in Illinois, Carlyn then flew to Vienna, where American expatriot composer Nancy Van de Vate had arranged a series of concerts for soprano Michelle Vought and Carlyn. Carlyn accompanied Michelle and played solo piano works. These concerts were all in Vienna, except one in Bratislava, Slovakia. Durng breaks between concerts, she took sightseeing trips to Bratislava and Prague.


The last leg of the trip was to Barcelona, where she hoped to purchase some texts on pedaling not available in the United States. Naturally, she planned to do some sighrseeing!

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