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Hello, and welcome to our homepage. . We moved to New Hampshire in 1998! Our furniture arrived December 23, along with some snow.


Carlyn married Keith Barnett November 9, 2007!

Carlyn kept a journal of her travels in Spring, 2007.

In March, 2007, we traveled to Washingtonm D.C. to lobby for protection of Alaskan wilderness. Here is an article from a local paper about it.

Here is a picture that was in the print version of rhe article above, but not in the web version.

In 2007 we acquired two cats from Dick's sister!

Pictures from Dick and Carlyn's dogsled adventure in March, 2005

Marjie, Dick, and Carlyn went to Maine in June, 2005 to see puffins and other birds

Winter 1998-1999

An early snow in 2002

Spring in New Hampshire

Spring in Bloomington, Illinois

Son Dan's wedding November 9, 2002.

Daughter Carlyn went to Bangkok in June 2003 to play a piano concerto with the Thai National Symphony Orchestra, to give workshops and masterclasses at the five main universities in the Bangkok area, and to squeeze in some sightseeing.

Our trip to Italy in 2004

Our 50th wedding anniversary in October, 2004

Three sad events gave the opportunity to see many of Marjorie's relatives:

A memorial service in 2003 for Oliver Eldridge

A memorial service in 2004 for Lyndon Hastings

A memorial service in 2004 for Waldon and Alice Hastings

Links to other members of our family

Son David
Daughter Carlyn
Son Dan

We have had several very nice things for sale...

1978 Chrysler New Yorker was sold in September 2007

Click the picture!

1966 Corvette Stingray has been sold
Moved to Virginia!

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House we sold in Long Beach, CA

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Or phone us at: (603) 472-9204